About Kavita Jewels

We, at Kavita Jewels, provide you a wide range of fine silver jewelry and accessories which suits your individual personality. We strive to provide you a beautiful collection of curated designs for every occasion. We are focused on innovation, customer happiness and transparencyWe are not just selling jewelry, but an unparalleled jewelry buying experience at your fingertips!

We have a collection for people of every age group. Our collection includes trendy as well as traditional jewelry pieces. We have a special collection of in-house handmade ornaments as well that gives you an elegant feel.

Every item from our collection is carefully handpicked with love, and is made of 92.5 sterling silver.

These valuable ornaments will be passed to next generations as your family heirloom and will always remain in touch with our culture and tradition.


Find us on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to connect with you. To share your thoughts or get your queries answered, please feel free to reach us on our number +91-8630734563  or send us an email at info@kavitajewels.com